Why KNIT your courses?

KNIT is not a “program” but a university initiative to make GRU’s core curriculum more cohesive and stimulating for all of our students. In fact, KNIT courses are nearly identical to their non-KNIT counterparts with one important exception: KNIT professors have committed to work together to create strong connections between the many different courses they teach.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why do I have to take this course?”, “What does this course have to do with other subjects I’m more interested in studying?” or “How does this course matter to my life and future?” then KNIT is for you!

Specifically, KNIT is designed to…

  • create strong connections between courses by infusing them with a shared focus or “common thread”
  • make your studies feel more personally meaningful and relevant to life beyond the classroom
  • deepen your relationships with peers and help you feel more connected to your campus community
  • allow you to linger on a topic long enough to truly understand it from many different perspectives
  • reveal how much experts disagree about some of the same issues or questions
  • help you identify which fields or disciplines are best suited to your own interests and personality
  • demonstrate how the past still shapes us today, and holds some of the keys to our future

KNIT offers all these benefits and more, with no additional work! You take the same classes GRU students would normally take, except better integrated for a more cohesive experience!

Interested? Look for KNIT-participating courses when you register. Participating sections will be labeled “KNIT” in the schedule of classes. You can also tell an advisor:

I really want to participate in KNIT!”

KNIT logoKNIT courses are taught by select professors who have agreed to work together to provide a more cohesive and stimulating learning experience. You’ll also find yourself taking multiple courses with some of the same classmates, providing more opportunities to get to know your peers and build stronger ties to your campus. Best of all, there’s no additional work, just better integration!

Sound exciting? That’s because KNIT was designed to give students more of what they say they want from their college experience!

Since KNIT courses are open to all students, they fill on a first-come, first-served basis. It is essential that you try to register for at least three KNIT courses; otherwise, you won’t have enough KNIT professors to truly experience the benefits of their efforts to integrate their courses productively.

If you have questions about KNIT, use the form below to contact our director, Dr. Kisting. You may also share questions or comments on Twitter (@GRUKNIT) and Facebook (fb.com/gruknit).

We look forward to learning with you!

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